The Alkoryn Culture.

Introducing the Alkoryn culture.

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The Alkoryns are a humble self-sufficient community, who are highly productive without being industrial. This ever busy society excels in craftsmanship, relying heavily on the natural resources from the Alkoryn Islands, such as the abundant locyan-palm; thick trunked trees with parasitic vines creeping over the bark. The avopalto; a fatty fruit which when mashed produces a thick oil and the phoro plant; a herb finely woven into incense. Their intricate wood carvings adorn almost every building and their villages and towns are paved with exquisite etched stonework.

Excluding the main towns, the people of Alkoryn live in small close-knit communities, single villages dotted around the islands. Everybody knows everybody else and they are highly social and gregarious, treating daily chores and work as nothing more than social gatherings.

They are a socialist community led by a single Monarch whose children lead each of the sovereign states: Bayhaven, Spiritmist, Orewick, Ridgemead and Aelston, the home of the Monarch. The Monarchy don’t lead as an authority but as a respected noble family, they don’t see themselves as superior to the Alkoryn people they rule. As the culture is a very peaceful one, there is no army or weapons and security details are limited to only the most populated areas.

The culture have limited technology, travelling on carts and carriages, cooking on stoves and using oil lanterns, yet they have achieved great feats of development. Monoliths, towering religious statues, temples and magnificent harbours. They have little use for power and most workmanship is done by sheer man power alone and ingenious machinery built entirely from wood and metal. However, they do on occasion utilise animal power for the most heavy duty work, primarily relying on the equid and ‘moxo’ glenny. Two animals I will explain in a future blog post.

Religion is at the forefront of Alkoryn culture and they have an entire state island dedicated to the worship of Aedolyn. The oldest doctrine teaches of Aedolyn as the leader of the first settlers to the land, naming it Alkoryn and building Aedolyn’s Promise; an incredibly exquisite temple on Spiritmist. It has been rumoured that Aedolyn’s Promise even pre-dates that of Alkoryn settlement but there is no known proof of this.

One day Aedolyn was giving a speech to her people, when she broke down into tears minutes before disappearing before everyone’s eyes. Her tunic falling to the ground. It is said that her tears were collected and held in a sacred chalice. This chalice is always full, no matter how often Aedolyn’s Tears are used in rituals.

Statues and monuments, as well as, decorative ornaments, usually depict Aedolyn in a long white robe; much like a toga or tunic, with her hand outstretched in front of her. She is sometimes portrayed as aiding a naked man from the ground, symbolising her guidance to the first Monarch, his nakedness a statement of his purity. Some statues show her weeping into her hands.

The doctrines teach young children about Aedolyn and to respect the land of Alkoryn. A land whose borders can never be breached. Children are taught about the impassable hazards that surround Alkoryn, and that their only responsibility is to that of their people.


Will he come home?


A second extract, enjoy. 🙂


Delicate, silken curtains were fluttering in the gentle wind, allowing streams of sunlight to illuminate Cresadir’s spacious sleeping quarters. The bed was unmade, the sheets crumpled and she was weeping into her hands. After three tiring days her butterscotch hair looked as neglected as the bed, hanging disordered and unwashed down her nightgown.

A young, fair-haired boy, no more than nine years old, appeared in the doorway, looking sorrowful.

“I’ve brought you some milk, fresh today,” he said, stretching his hand towards her. “Please take it.”

A few moments passed before the sniffles ceased and Cresadir lifted her face. Tears were smeared over her oily skin and she ran her fingertips across her cheeks.

She stared vacantly ahead for a second or two before muttering, “You’re staying strong through this, Oeradon”

“I’m trying, Mother.”

Lethargically, she took the milk from his hand and placed it on the wooden bedside table before opening her arms to her son. He fell into them without hesitation. Oeradon began to sob as he buried his head into his mother’s arms.

“He will come home, won’t he?” he asked, his words barely audible.

He felt his mother’s hand running through his hair, listening to her heavy breathing as she held him tighter.

Settling her chin on Oeradon’s crown, Cresadir felt hopelessness weighing her down.

“Yes,” she finally replied. She knew that as his mother, she was expected to be strong for him, but as they both knew, he was the strong one. “Yes, he will.”

Her calm reply came more from maternal instinct than from actual conviction. She knew she must give Oeradon hope.


Discontinuing first edition…

I’m discontinuing the first edition of Scripture from the Past, as I don’t want anyone reading that version now. Those who have it are very lucky (especially signed)! Anyone who doesn’t have it will have to wait for the second edition which incidentally is an even better book. ^.^ I don’t have a launch date yet, but hoping for the end of this year / beginning of next year.

The first edition got 5 star reviews, how can the second edition be better?

The first was self-published and with hindsight wasn’t quite ready. The second has been fully revised and edited with added polish, and is being published by Cosmic Egg Books. Some great changes have been made and it even has a new professional cover!

In production…

I’ve not blogged recently as the re-publication of the first book is still in production and may not be released until next year. I’ll update the blog more frequently with extracts from the book. 🙂

I’ve picked a new cover and have 3 images for Cosmic Egg Books to design a new cover with.stock-photo-vintage-landscape-84504856stock-photo-scientific-background-big-lightning-hits-planet-earth-in-dark-dramatic-sky-109258355stock-photo-abstract-architectural-white-abstract-wall-with-shiny-cubes-128708819

The first one reflects the down to earth attitude of the Alkoryn people with their respect for nature.

The second one depicts the control of the Amunisari.

The third represents the intricate architecture of the Amunisari citadel.

A short excerpt.


As I have never posted any excerpt from ‘The Alkoryn Chronicles: Part I Scripture from the Past’, here is my first. 🙂

‘Her desperate calls could be heard across the fields.


The moist grass squeezed between her toes; she flicked dewy soil as she went. Her pained calls seemed in vain, consumed by the wind and fed to the leafy rustle of the dense forest ahead – in her exhausted and confused state, it seemed like an impassable green wall.

Please don’t be taken.

She ran further away from the village. She felt more drained with every passing second; her steps faltered as her body was overtaken by fatigue. She coughed, sweat dripping from her clingy hair, trying to gather just enough strength to jog onwards.

Miah’s ankle-length tunic flapped against her body; the thin, cream fabric was useless against the oncoming wind, but she advanced heedlessly towards the fringes of the forest. She was still crying and shouting; her mouth grew drier all the time, but she continued calling to her son. Fighting to overcome her exhaustion, she entered the forest feeling even more determined.’

Tell me about the Alkoryn Islands. Part II.


The island closest to Bayhaven and furthest away from the mainland is Spiritmist, also referred to as the far-isle. Its head is Alfrit, Cresadir’s eldest brother and next in line to be monarch. Spiritmist is the religious centre for all the Alkoryn people and is home to Aedolyn’s Promise, a cardinal temple dedicated to the worship of Aedolyn, a single female deity. Its imposing central ovoid dome and magnificent colonnaded shrine make the temple an awe-inspiring view. Aedolyn’s Promise holds many secrets I shall not divulge in this post 😉

Aedolyn is most commonly depicted as a robed woman with her arm outstretched as if aiding a kneeling man. Some sculptures show this man.

Spiritmist’s skyline is filled with monastery towers and tall monuments of the deity. They are wonders of Alkoryn craftsmanship built from stone. It has a relatively small population as only the most devout are allowed to reside on the island. As well as being devoted worshippers, the residents are also teachers and travel to the other islands to teach all Alkoryn children about Aedolyn. The sciences are unspoken of, dismissed and rejected.

What is T-Liq technology?


What is T-Liq technology?

T-Liq or as the Amunisari would say ‘Transmuting Liquescent’ is a morphing liquid with a metallic texture in its resting state. It can take the form of any tangible object through the manipulation of frequency. Including the objects colour, texture and even smell.

An example use of this technology was when Daimeh and Elisaris visit Elyon via the Lower-01 entertainment hub.

The world of Elyon was recreated with T-Liq which morphed into three-dimensional moving objects when unusual-looking purple mushrooms began to grow upwards and Daimeh met bobbles; cute fluffy pink animals that scurry in the light purple grass.

The inspiration for T-Liq came from two real-life scientific sources.

Ferrofluid (smart fluid): a fluid with the properties of a liquid and magnetic properties of a solid, which consists of nanoparticles (of compounds containing iron) suspended in an organic solvent. In the presence of a magnetic field the fluid changes state and forms solid peaks and dips.

Water and frequency: although this is simply an illusion and the water doesn’t actually morph to the sound of a bass. The hypnotic corkscrew shaped stream sparked the idea of frequency morphing T-Liq.


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this area, I am simply a researcher / writer and I like to talk about inspirational media, so please don’t take any of these points as ‘set-in-stone’ facts.