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The Alkoryn Chronicles Artwork

Hello readers,

I have been rather busy learning a new skill over the past month and have been creating some digital art. As each week has passed I think my skills have improved. Being able to visualise and create art based on the world I have created feels like a great privilege and it is fun, it’s also aiding my writing. I’ll show you some of my favourite ones and add a little bit of the story behind them.



This one depicts the low sun over Alkoryn. The sun never actually sets, but rises and falls in a high sun, low sun rhythm. The high sun being what would be considered midday and the low sun at night during the sleeping hours. The land of Alkoryn was influenced by the Shire (Lord of the Rings), a humble, isolated place with a community who enjoy a simple life.  I explain the science behind the low sun and high sun in a previous blog post: The planet Solnyx and its light side. The idea for this world just sparked out of my imagination, but since then I have tried to validate my idea with some scientific research. Although my book is a fantasy/sci-fi, I still want it to be feasible and possible.


tablet on chest final

The body on the beach. We’re introduced to this very early on in Part I. No one knows where it came from or how it happened to wash ashore on the Galunda Bay. Strapped to its chest is a mysterious tablet. What does it all mean?



The lagus, an animal that resembles a rabbit, although it has a somewhat donkey-like head and a small goats stature. They reside in mound hills atop the cliffs near Lybas. They may look quite adorable, but they can be vicious and territorial, they live in extended family communities. They’re featured in the book when the Alkoryns travel to Port Draclyn.



These cute little things, known as bobbles, are native to a planet known as Elyon, which is briefly mentioned in Part I and features more in Part III. The idea for them was purely imaginative with an influence from Star Trek’s Tribbles, their faces are actually hard to find behind their fur but I thought a round ball of pink fluff wouldn’t be much to look at, considering their faces are so adorable.



Okay, enough of the cute, time for the fierce beasts. This is a tygrisa featured in Part I when Miah has a flashback to when Daimeh was young. An exciting scene takes place which I shall not spoil for you. The tygrisa is a sort of big cat with scales, talons and a hint of a snake. They usually strategically hunt in threes communicating via hisses. They are very deadly and anyone who faces one will be lucky to survive.



Introducing the Zygeth, a formidable force in Part II, which focuses on the dark side of the planet and is a completely different style of book in my opinion. Depicted is one of their elite soldiers, known as an enchant, or to their enemies a blood machine. As their name suggests they are part biological and part technological with a hive mind. Again, an obvious influence from Star Trek, except these beings are not assimilated but created. There are other Zygeth soldiers, loyalists, adepts, commanders and technomancers, but I will not say any more about that just yet, you will have to read the book.


zygeth lizard final

The Zygeth are known to ride many mounts, but this one is the most common, a mix between a horse and a lizard.


Zyranix FINAL

Moving on to Part III. This is a scene that takes place on Elyon, I don’t want to disclose too many details about this picture. The creature is known as a Zyranix, and is a relentless beast who hunts at night, it has a terrifying set of double rowed teeth and a grasping tongue to pull its prey into its mouth. It has skewering front arms for stabbing at ground-dwelling prey.


This is not all of my artwork, there are many more and I plan to share similar posts in the future as my artwork flourishes. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the art and the read.



Launch party cake!

My good friend James Drinkwater arranged a wonderful surprise launch party for me and his sister baked this super cake. Thank you so very much for making my night such a special one. 🙂


Painting inspired by The Alkoryn Chronicles.

Courtesy of Steve Sowden. He did a wonderful painting inspired by my book cover. 🙂 It’s very impressive.

“There was complete silence, just the ambient noise of the forest: rustling wind through leaves, chirping birds and insects. Miah slowed her breathing and stayed absolutely still.”

(The Alkoryn Chronicles by C.J.Gleave)

Painting by Steve Sowden.


They’ve arrived!

IMG_20150203_134009928 IMG_20150203_135037511

The first batch of books has arrived.

I have a few copies available if anyone is interested. Three months ahead of publication date.

I am also looking for reviewers. If you’re willing to leave me a review on both Amazon and Goodreads you can have the book for free! The review can be as short or as long as you want and preferably good. 😀

Contact me for your pre-launch signed copy.

Celestial Transcendence

Part III now has a working title: Celestial Transcendence. Of course this may change in time.

It’s coming along nicely and the book has a much bigger scope than the previous two. It is heading into a more sci-fi direction, but I’ll see where it takes me. The adventure is certainly an exciting one as the story unfolds. I may even have it written by the time the first book is re-published. As I am a meticulous writer I will probably spend a lot more time on it than is needed.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but no harm in having the stones set for future books about the world I have created.

The Alkoryn Culture.

Introducing the Alkoryn culture.

blog culture

The Alkoryns are a humble self-sufficient community, who are highly productive without being industrial. This ever busy society excels in craftsmanship, relying heavily on the natural resources from the Alkoryn Islands, such as the abundant locyan-palm; thick trunked trees with parasitic vines creeping over the bark. The avopalto; a fatty fruit which when mashed produces a thick oil and the phoro plant; a herb finely woven into incense. Their intricate wood carvings adorn almost every building and their villages and towns are paved with exquisite etched stonework.

Excluding the main towns, the people of Alkoryn live in small close-knit communities, single villages dotted around the islands. Everybody knows everybody else and they are highly social and gregarious, treating daily chores and work as nothing more than social gatherings.

They are a socialist community led by a single Monarch whose children lead each of the sovereign states: Bayhaven, Spiritmist, Orewick, Ridgemead and Aelston, the home of the Monarch. The Monarchy don’t lead as an authority but as a respected noble family, they don’t see themselves as superior to the Alkoryn people they rule. As the culture is a very peaceful one, there is no army or weapons and security details are limited to only the most populated areas.

The culture have limited technology, travelling on carts and carriages, cooking on stoves and using oil lanterns, yet they have achieved great feats of development. Monoliths, towering religious statues, temples and magnificent harbours. They have little use for power and most workmanship is done by sheer man power alone and ingenious machinery built entirely from wood and metal. However, they do on occasion utilise animal power for the most heavy duty work, primarily relying on the equid and ‘moxo’ glenny. Two animals I will explain in a future blog post.

Religion is at the forefront of Alkoryn culture and they have an entire state island dedicated to the worship of Aedolyn. The oldest doctrine teaches of Aedolyn as the leader of the first settlers to the land, naming it Alkoryn and building Aedolyn’s Promise; an incredibly exquisite temple on Spiritmist. It has been rumoured that Aedolyn’s Promise even pre-dates that of Alkoryn settlement but there is no known proof of this.

One day Aedolyn was giving a speech to her people, when she broke down into tears minutes before disappearing before everyone’s eyes. Her tunic falling to the ground. It is said that her tears were collected and held in a sacred chalice. This chalice is always full, no matter how often Aedolyn’s Tears are used in rituals.

Statues and monuments, as well as, decorative ornaments, usually depict Aedolyn in a long white robe; much like a toga or tunic, with her hand outstretched in front of her. She is sometimes portrayed as aiding a naked man from the ground, symbolising her guidance to the first Monarch, his nakedness a statement of his purity. Some statues show her weeping into her hands.

The doctrines teach young children about Aedolyn and to respect the land of Alkoryn. A land whose borders can never be breached. Children are taught about the impassable hazards that surround Alkoryn, and that their only responsibility is to that of their people.

Discontinuing first edition…

I’m discontinuing the first edition of Scripture from the Past, as I don’t want anyone reading that version now. Those who have it are very lucky (especially signed)! Anyone who doesn’t have it will have to wait for the second edition which incidentally is an even better book. ^.^ I don’t have a launch date yet, but hoping for the end of this year / beginning of next year.

The first edition got 5 star reviews, how can the second edition be better?

The first was self-published and with hindsight wasn’t quite ready. The second has been fully revised and edited with added polish, and is being published by Cosmic Egg Books. Some great changes have been made and it even has a new professional cover!