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Trailer for Land of Eternal Stars…


Musical Inspirations

Hello readers,

Just a quick update on what I have been working on. I’ve been messing around with Movie Maker and made a short youtube compilation of music I listen to whilst writing. Coming soon will be Volume II. I’m also excited about creating an abridged version of my book, accompanied with music and images, like a short visual and audio treat which will tell you the story in a condensed form. Of course, if you want the full story you will have to buy the book. 🙂

If you enjoy any of the music featured in this video, then please support the artists and buy their music.

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Will he come home?


A second extract, enjoy. 🙂


Delicate, silken curtains were fluttering in the gentle wind, allowing streams of sunlight to illuminate Cresadir’s spacious sleeping quarters. The bed was unmade, the sheets crumpled and she was weeping into her hands. After three tiring days her butterscotch hair looked as neglected as the bed, hanging disordered and unwashed down her nightgown.

A young, fair-haired boy, no more than nine years old, appeared in the doorway, looking sorrowful.

“I’ve brought you some milk, fresh today,” he said, stretching his hand towards her. “Please take it.”

A few moments passed before the sniffles ceased and Cresadir lifted her face. Tears were smeared over her oily skin and she ran her fingertips across her cheeks.

She stared vacantly ahead for a second or two before muttering, “You’re staying strong through this, Oeradon”

“I’m trying, Mother.”

Lethargically, she took the milk from his hand and placed it on the wooden bedside table before opening her arms to her son. He fell into them without hesitation. Oeradon began to sob as he buried his head into his mother’s arms.

“He will come home, won’t he?” he asked, his words barely audible.

He felt his mother’s hand running through his hair, listening to her heavy breathing as she held him tighter.

Settling her chin on Oeradon’s crown, Cresadir felt hopelessness weighing her down.

“Yes,” she finally replied. She knew that as his mother, she was expected to be strong for him, but as they both knew, he was the strong one. “Yes, he will.”

Her calm reply came more from maternal instinct than from actual conviction. She knew she must give Oeradon hope.


Tell me about the Alkoryn Islands. Part I.

There are five main places located in the Alkoryn Islands. Four are islands, Bayhaven, Spiritmist, Ridgemead, and Aelston Isle. The fifth is the mainland known as Orewick.

The economy is based around a mutual exchange of goods and a barter system. There is one monarch, Ommaya, and his family is scattered throughout the islands, with one son or daughter leading each island. The monarchy is a mere formality, they try to rule as close to the people as possible and to not appear intimidating.


Bayhaven is where the book begins, in the small fishing village known as Lybas. Daimeh finds the body on the Galunda Bay; a vast beach covered in white sand, just east of Lybas. I do have some crude maps of these areas but I’m currently waiting for them to be revamped for inclusion in the revised edition.

The island is mostly populated on its southern side as its dense locyan palm forests and treacherous mountains to the north make it uninhabitable up there. It is predominately a fishing colony providing all the protein rich foods to the rest of the islands. The Bayhaven people are also known to craft small trinkets made from shells. The head of the island is Cresadir, yet she prefers to be known as the village physician. 

Would you like to meet the characters?


Daimeh – an 18 year old grandson of the monarch. He lives in the humble village of Lybas on the island of Bayhaven and does voluntary work, delivering and collecting commodities amongst his people, the Alkoryn people. He is slim, athletic with ear-length auburn hair and peridot-green eyes. Daimeh is a relatively carefree young man with an interest in travelling beyond the borders of Alkoryn. He is driven by adventure and the opportunity he is given during the book changes his life (and his soul) dramatically.


Cresadir – Head of Lybas (and Bayhaven), she is the daughter of the monarch and Daimeh’s aunt. Although brought up within a religious society, she has a passion for the sciences and exploration. At 43, she is self-taught in rudimentary evolution and biology, as well as a good understanding of the nature of things. She devotes her time to research and providing medicinal services to her people. As far as she is concerned, her connection with the monarchy is a mere birthright formality.

Her and Daimeh’s relationship develops further when she joins him on his journey as the first Alkoryn adventurers.


Miah – the mother of Daimeh and Cresadir’s younger sister. She is a generous, caring soul, too much for her own good and when she is not tailoring for the village, she is looking after others. She has a strong bond with her son and is the authoritative parent, and with Daimeh being her only child, she is protective and will do anything for his well-being. Her ambitions aren’t grand as she is happy with her husband, Halgar, and their residence in Lybas.


Oeradon – He may be Daimeh’s older cousin but he certainly does not act it. His mother Cresadir has accepted he’s a bit of a joker and quite often foolish. Oeradon loves playing his lute, and is known to do nothing else when composing new tunes. He performs regularly at the local alehouse, The Fish’s Flask, where he has built quite a name for himself. He has cowardly traits and so doesn’t travel far with the adventure.


Ommaya – as the monarch, he is the most prestigious man in Alkoryn, yet his honourable duties don’t usually go beyond ceremonies and formal appearances. He is a religious man but also has a keen interest in the sciences, he passed this interest onto his daughter Cresadir and science formed a strong bond between them. Miah is accepting of their bond, yet, Cresadir’s other siblings dislike that she is the ‘favourite.’ Ommaya tries to appear unbiased when addressing his sons and daughters, but quite often tensions rise between the family members.



The real-life Solnyx? Although this post does cover Gliese 581g it has recently been found to not exist. I will still discuss this planet as there may be another one out there!

Gliese 581g or Zarmina is a rocky planet two to three times bigger than the Earth and much bigger than Solnyx. It orbits a red dwarf star and is located in the constellation of Libra. The planet is near the middle of the habitable zone of its star and means it could have liquid water and host similar life to that of Earth.

Zarmina is tidally locked to its star and has a denser atmosphere than Earth’s. Solnyx is locked to its star but not tidally locked as it has a rotation of its own and its axis points to the star. Zarmina does not turn on an axis or rotate and it is thought that one side is too hot for life and the other side is too cold. However the place where the light and dark merge is perfect for the evolution of life.

More recent theories have suggested that if the correct composition of carbon-dioxide and water are present and coupled with atmospheric heat transport, the density would keep temperatures moderate and heat would travel to the dark side.

Just today I found out that the planet does not exist and was merely an “artefact of stellar activity which, when incompletely corrected, causes the false detection of planet g” – Paul Robertson from Penn State University.planetss

Although Gliese 581g may not be real, tidally locked celestial bodies are not uncommon. Our Moon, Mercury, Europa and Titan being just a few.

It is worth mentioning other potentially habitable planets. I’d like to consider Kepler 186f. Like Solnyx, it orbits a small, cool star. It has yet to be discovered if liquid water exists on the planet and it is suspected that such a small star may be more active and so potential organisms would be battered by solar flares. Luckily for Solnyx it is protected by its strong magnetic field.

Published yesterday! The latest discovery is a new planet that could support life, it doesn’t seem to have been named yet but it is around 3000 light years away. 


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this area, I am simply a researcher / writer and I like to talk about inspirational media, so please don’t take any of these points as ‘set-in-stone’ facts.



The planet of Solnyx and its light side.

Although the name Solnyx is not mentioned in Part I, it is still the planetary home of the Alkoryn Isles and the Golden Lands, also known as Amunisari.

The planet is unique as it is in a locked orbit to its star, a relatively small sun. Its axis only allows one side of the planet to be lit with sunlight and the other side is in perpetual darkness. North is the closest to the star, where the sun shines at its highest point and circles as a halo in the sky. This is the hottest part of Solnyx.

It is a small planet, about the size of the moon and it has a thicker atmosphere than Earth, yet is composed of the same gases. The atmosphere filters the harmful suns rays and helps keep the surface of the planet moist, it also allowed for the proliferate locyan-palms to flourish so profusely and some of the wildlife to be somewhat bigger than here on Earth. However, a thicker atmosphere would normally create a runaway greenhouse effect, yet Solnyx does not suffer from this. Its position in the solar system, coupled with the small sun and its small size allow the light side to flourish. Atmospheric heat transport would allow the density to keep things moderate. The Amunisari have also built a domed citadel to further protect their civilisation and they regularly filter the atmosphere of harmful gases using their advanced technology. There is also a filtration system at Aodelyn’s Promise on the isle of Spiritmist.

The planet’s cobalt core is mixed with a blue crystalline substance, known as lazulic, unique to the Solnyx, meaning the core is denser than our Earth’s iron core, which creates a stronger magnetic field. This field protects the planet from solar flares and paired with the thick atmosphere keeps the light sides ecology balanced. The Amunisari harvest lazulic and with their technology they have developed a way to destabilise it and utilise it as an intense power source.

Solnyx does wobble a little on its axis and the rotation of the planet affects the tidal movement. However, these movements are only slight.

The Alkoryn Islands are situated closer to its side which means its sun has a high-sun and low-sun cycle, creating a sort of, day and night. This also causes the tides to be more expansive and allows the planet to cool a little during low-sun.

My physics may not be perfect but to me this made sense as a base for creating my world. I hope you find it interesting.