Caroline-Jayne Gleave

Bio: I was born in Durham, North East England and I had a passion for writing at a very young age. As a child I wrote many short stories, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. The story for Scripture from the Past started fifteen years ago when I wrote the first chapter of the book. I didn’t feel I could write a whole book at that time due to my studying. I went to three north east universities and achieved a degree, a master’s degree and post-graduate certificate. My writing really took off again in 2013 when I found the first chapter I had written all those years ago. I haven’t stopped writing since. I have no previous writing experience other than a hobbyist, which I am passionate about. Although, I am well-educated with a BSc (hon) in Natural Sciences, a MSc in Computer-based Information Systems and a Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Aided Graphical and Technological Applications. I work as a clothes designer and run my own business. I know quite a change to what I studied. I pride myself in achieving my highest standard possible, with past achievements such as becoming an Olympian. My chosen sport was women's ice hockey.

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