A short excerpt.


As I have never posted any excerpt from ‘The Alkoryn Chronicles: Part I Scripture from the Past’, here is my first. 🙂

‘Her desperate calls could be heard across the fields.


The moist grass squeezed between her toes; she flicked dewy soil as she went. Her pained calls seemed in vain, consumed by the wind and fed to the leafy rustle of the dense forest ahead – in her exhausted and confused state, it seemed like an impassable green wall.

Please don’t be taken.

She ran further away from the village. She felt more drained with every passing second; her steps faltered as her body was overtaken by fatigue. She coughed, sweat dripping from her clingy hair, trying to gather just enough strength to jog onwards.

Miah’s ankle-length tunic flapped against her body; the thin, cream fabric was useless against the oncoming wind, but she advanced heedlessly towards the fringes of the forest. She was still crying and shouting; her mouth grew drier all the time, but she continued calling to her son. Fighting to overcome her exhaustion, she entered the forest feeling even more determined.’


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