Tell me about the Alkoryn Islands. Part II.


The island closest to Bayhaven and furthest away from the mainland is Spiritmist, also referred to as the far-isle. Its head is Alfrit, Cresadir’s eldest brother and next in line to be monarch. Spiritmist is the religious centre for all the Alkoryn people and is home to Aedolyn’s Promise, a cardinal temple dedicated to the worship of Aedolyn, a single female deity. Its imposing central ovoid dome and magnificent colonnaded shrine make the temple an awe-inspiring view. Aedolyn’s Promise holds many secrets I shall not divulge in this post 😉

Aedolyn is most commonly depicted as a robed woman with her arm outstretched as if aiding a kneeling man. Some sculptures show this man.

Spiritmist’s skyline is filled with monastery towers and tall monuments of the deity. They are wonders of Alkoryn craftsmanship built from stone. It has a relatively small population as only the most devout are allowed to reside on the island. As well as being devoted worshippers, the residents are also teachers and travel to the other islands to teach all Alkoryn children about Aedolyn. The sciences are unspoken of, dismissed and rejected.


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