What is T-Liq technology?


What is T-Liq technology?

T-Liq or as the Amunisari would say ‘Transmuting Liquescent’ is a morphing liquid with a metallic texture in its resting state. It can take the form of any tangible object through the manipulation of frequency. Including the objects colour, texture and even smell.

An example use of this technology was when Daimeh and Elisaris visit Elyon via the Lower-01 entertainment hub.

The world of Elyon was recreated with T-Liq which morphed into three-dimensional moving objects when unusual-looking purple mushrooms began to grow upwards and Daimeh met bobbles; cute fluffy pink animals that scurry in the light purple grass.

The inspiration for T-Liq came from two real-life scientific sources.

Ferrofluid (smart fluid): a fluid with the properties of a liquid and magnetic properties of a solid, which consists of nanoparticles (of compounds containing iron) suspended in an organic solvent. In the presence of a magnetic field the fluid changes state and forms solid peaks and dips.

Water and frequency: although this is simply an illusion and the water doesn’t actually morph to the sound of a bass. The hypnotic corkscrew shaped stream sparked the idea of frequency morphing T-Liq.


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this area, I am simply a researcher / writer and I like to talk about inspirational media, so please don’t take any of these points as ‘set-in-stone’ facts.


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