Would you like to meet the characters?


Daimeh – an 18 year old grandson of the monarch. He lives in the humble village of Lybas on the island of Bayhaven and does voluntary work, delivering and collecting commodities amongst his people, the Alkoryn people. He is slim, athletic with ear-length auburn hair and peridot-green eyes. Daimeh is a relatively carefree young man with an interest in travelling beyond the borders of Alkoryn. He is driven by adventure and the opportunity he is given during the book changes his life (and his soul) dramatically.


Cresadir – Head of Lybas (and Bayhaven), she is the daughter of the monarch and Daimeh’s aunt. Although brought up within a religious society, she has a passion for the sciences and exploration. At 43, she is self-taught in rudimentary evolution and biology, as well as a good understanding of the nature of things. She devotes her time to research and providing medicinal services to her people. As far as she is concerned, her connection with the monarchy is a mere birthright formality.

Her and Daimeh’s relationship develops further when she joins him on his journey as the first Alkoryn adventurers.


Miah – the mother of Daimeh and Cresadir’s younger sister. She is a generous, caring soul, too much for her own good and when she is not tailoring for the village, she is looking after others. She has a strong bond with her son and is the authoritative parent, and with Daimeh being her only child, she is protective and will do anything for his well-being. Her ambitions aren’t grand as she is happy with her husband, Halgar, and their residence in Lybas.


Oeradon – He may be Daimeh’s older cousin but he certainly does not act it. His mother Cresadir has accepted he’s a bit of a joker and quite often foolish. Oeradon loves playing his lute, and is known to do nothing else when composing new tunes. He performs regularly at the local alehouse, The Fish’s Flask, where he has built quite a name for himself. He has cowardly traits and so doesn’t travel far with the adventure.


Ommaya – as the monarch, he is the most prestigious man in Alkoryn, yet his honourable duties don’t usually go beyond ceremonies and formal appearances. He is a religious man but also has a keen interest in the sciences, he passed this interest onto his daughter Cresadir and science formed a strong bond between them. Miah is accepting of their bond, yet, Cresadir’s other siblings dislike that she is the ‘favourite.’ Ommaya tries to appear unbiased when addressing his sons and daughters, but quite often tensions rise between the family members.


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