Tell me about the Alkoryn Islands. Part I.

There are five main places located in the Alkoryn Islands. Four are islands, Bayhaven, Spiritmist, Ridgemead, and Aelston Isle. The fifth is the mainland known as Orewick.

The economy is based around a mutual exchange of goods and a barter system. There is one monarch, Ommaya, and his family is scattered throughout the islands, with one son or daughter leading each island. The monarchy is a mere formality, they try to rule as close to the people as possible and to not appear intimidating.


Bayhaven is where the book begins, in the small fishing village known as Lybas. Daimeh finds the body on the Galunda Bay; a vast beach covered in white sand, just east of Lybas. I do have some crude maps of these areas but I’m currently waiting for them to be revamped for inclusion in the revised edition.

The island is mostly populated on its southern side as its dense locyan palm forests and treacherous mountains to the north make it uninhabitable up there. It is predominately a fishing colony providing all the protein rich foods to the rest of the islands. The Bayhaven people are also known to craft small trinkets made from shells. The head of the island is Cresadir, yet she prefers to be known as the village physician. 


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