The planet of Solnyx and its light side.

Although the name Solnyx is not mentioned in Part I, it is still the planetary home of the Alkoryn Isles and the Golden Lands, also known as Amunisari.

The planet is unique as it is in a locked orbit to its star, a relatively small sun. Its axis only allows one side of the planet to be lit with sunlight and the other side is in perpetual darkness. North is the closest to the star, where the sun shines at its highest point and circles as a halo in the sky. This is the hottest part of Solnyx.

It is a small planet, about the size of the moon and it has a thicker atmosphere than Earth, yet is composed of the same gases. The atmosphere filters the harmful suns rays and helps keep the surface of the planet moist, it also allowed for the proliferate locyan-palms to flourish so profusely and some of the wildlife to be somewhat bigger than here on Earth. However, a thicker atmosphere would normally create a runaway greenhouse effect, yet Solnyx does not suffer from this. Its position in the solar system, coupled with the small sun and its small size allow the light side to flourish. Atmospheric heat transport would allow the density to keep things moderate. The Amunisari have also built a domed citadel to further protect their civilisation and they regularly filter the atmosphere of harmful gases using their advanced technology. There is also a filtration system at Aodelyn’s Promise on the isle of Spiritmist.

The planet’s cobalt core is mixed with a blue crystalline substance, known as lazulic, unique to the Solnyx, meaning the core is denser than our Earth’s iron core, which creates a stronger magnetic field. This field protects the planet from solar flares and paired with the thick atmosphere keeps the light sides ecology balanced. The Amunisari harvest lazulic and with their technology they have developed a way to destabilise it and utilise it as an intense power source.

Solnyx does wobble a little on its axis and the rotation of the planet affects the tidal movement. However, these movements are only slight.

The Alkoryn Islands are situated closer to its side which means its sun has a high-sun and low-sun cycle, creating a sort of, day and night. This also causes the tides to be more expansive and allows the planet to cool a little during low-sun.

My physics may not be perfect but to me this made sense as a base for creating my world. I hope you find it interesting.


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